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**Policy: Coupons, Sales, & Offers Exclusions & Details**

At ARTSY EFFECT STORE, we are committed to providing you with the best shopping experience, complete with special offers, sales, and discounts. To ensure clarity and transparency, please review the following policy regarding the use and details of coupons, sales, and offers:

**1. Coupon Usage:**
- Coupons must be applied at the time of purchase and are subject to expiration dates.
- Coupons cannot be combined unless explicitly stated.
- Each coupon is valid for one-time use unless otherwise specified.

**2. Sales and Discounts:**
- Sales and discounts are subject to specific terms and conditions. Please refer to the individual promotion for details.
- All sale prices are final during the promotional period.
- Discounts may not apply to certain excluded products as specified in the offer.

**3. Offer Exclusions:**
- Some products or categories may be excluded from certain promotions or offers.
- Exclusions will be clearly stated in the offer details.

**4. Offer Details:**
- Offers may have minimum purchase requirements or other conditions for eligibility.
- Any additional details or requirements for specific offers will be provided in the offer description.

**5. Modification and Termination:**
ARTSY EFFECT STORE  reserves the right to modify or terminate any coupon, sale, or offer at our discretion.
- Any changes to promotions will be communicated through our website or email.

**6. Contact Us:**
- If you have questions or require clarification about our coupon, sales, or offer policies, please contact our customer support team. 

Email us for any support : artsyeffectstore@gmail.com

Thank you for choosing [ ARTSY EFFECT STORE ]. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with our exclusive offers and promotions.

*Last Updated: [ 06/10/2023 ]*